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At Root of Wellness, LLC, we look for the root cause of a person's ill health, & use natural means to aid that person towards better overall health & wellness.


About The Owner

Lori is a health professional with a rich background

of experience in a variety of areas, which she can

draw from in order to help guide you on your

health journey.


She is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath,

an Aromatherapist, and has a background as an

Occupational Therapist. 

As an OT, she worked with people ranging in age

from a few months to 80+ years old, with many

different disabilities, with a goal to enable those

clients to be as independent as possible. 
She has spoken publicly on a variety of topics, such as: Multisensory techniques to improve fine motor skills, Sensory Integration & Sensory Defensiveness identification & strategies, and Use of essential oils in traditional therapy & school practice.


Lori learned about holistic health practices when she started using Young Living Essential oils.  As she learned about Aromatherapy & its many uses to improve one’s health, she continued to want to learn more. 
She went on to become a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner/ Board Certified Traditional Naturopath. 


A Naturopath does not “diagnose, prescribe, or cure” any type of medical disease or symptoms.  Instead, they look for the root cause of a person’s ill health, & use natural means to aid that person toward better overall health & wellness.


That is what Root of Wellness, LLC is all about.  Helping you find the root cause of your dis-ease, and providing your body with a means to heal itself to a point of wellness.

On a personal note, Lori grew up in her family’s Florist & Greenhouse business, which helped build her love of plants & flowers.  She is still an avid gardener & continues to advance her herbalist skills.


Come to Root of Wellness, LLC and together we can “let Nature take it’s course” in helping you live a healthier life.

Root of Wellness, LLC Owner & Health Consultant : Lori Johnson, M.Ed. OTR/L, CHHP

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